The passions generated by this gutsy American dish, no matter how you spell it, are for real, although hardly anyone agrees just what barbecue is all about.

The answer is far from clear cut ...

and depends on how you define barbecue. To some it means a spicy sauce, to others a cooking style; then there are those who say it's a drippy meat concoction, and to anyone with a backyard it's a festive outdoor party!

To me it is

the Competition Arena with fellow cookers on a Saturday morning and the pride I take in personalized Catering for numerous events throughout the Mid-South. My intent is to share with you some of our techniques, recipes, and secrets. Some I give away and some you gonna have to pay for... especially the secrets of Championship Barbecue Competition.

Visit my various pages and ENJOY!


by any other name..
barbecue(n., often attrib [AmerSp barbacoa, prob. fr. Taino] 1: a large animal (as a hog or steer) roasted or broiled whole or split over an open fire or barbecue pit 2: a social gathering esp. in the open air at which barbecued food is eaten.

There is a strong indication that the word "barbecue" comes from the Spanish word barbacoa which is derived from an American Indian word for the framework of green wood on which meat or fish was cooked over a pit of coals. Others believe that the French should be credited -- when Caribbean pirates came stateside, they roasted animals barbe-a-queue, head to tail, so to speak.

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